Travel, Parties and More! What Homeowners Are Looking Forward to Most in 2021

What We’re Looking Forward to Most in 2021!

Noble’s Pond’s Homeowners are as optimistic as they are adventurous. While 2020 caught us all by surprise and canceled our grand plans for the year, we’re hopeful for progress toward a return to normalcy this year.

With a positive outlook in hand, there’s much to look forward to in 2021. Word around the neighborhood is that our Lifestyle Director, Colleen, is teaming with Homeowners to plan a trip to Mackinac Island from June 20-26. Several members of the community have already signed up and there’s already so much buzz about the first group trip in some time. It looks like we’ll need another bus to hold everyone!

In addition to the big Mackinac Island trip, some of our Homeowners shared with us what else they’re most looking forward to this year:

“We’re looking forward to being able to travel again, having lots of parties and fun times here at Noble’s Pond, getting to see our family in New York, but most importantly, getting back out there and living life to the fullest again.” – Bill and Donna

“In 2021, we’re most excited about being able to leave our home, do a little traveling and seeing our family.” – John and Joanne

“We’re newbies here and we’re excited for ALL the fantastic trips planned for the year. We’re going to go on every single one of them!” – Terri and Bruce

“We’re looking forward to traveling and being able to go back on cruises!” – Pat and Jack

“Next year, we’re looking forward to meeting new friends, traveling and being together with our
family back home, as well as here at Noble’s pond.” – Ted and Nancy

You can hear directly from our Homeowners by hitting the play button on the videos!

As we prepare for the weather to warm up, our Colleen and the Homeowners have been collaborating to the best of their abilities to find creative ways to keep the Noble’s Pond lifestyle going.

One event Homeowners look forward to is the Food Truck Fridays, held several times a month. Thelove having the opportunity to support local businesses and try some of the best foods the area has to offer. There are also several Homeowner clubs that help members of the community get out and keep active. More people are out hiking, biking and walking throughout the greater community and setting healthy goals for 2021! 

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Please call 302-240-4150 if you’d like to speak with the Noble’s Pond team and learn more about all the trips and lifestyle activities we’re planning for this year.  

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