Preview of Our Upcoming Community Trips

Slowly, but surely, daily life at Noble’s Pond is returning to normal. In recent months, we’ve been able to resume many of the most-popular aspects of our community’s award-winning lifestyle.

Hiking and walking excursions, social events, book clubs, games and more have all made their way back onto our community’s jam-packed social calendar. And now, Noble’s Pond Homeowners are gearing up for the return of community trips! These famous trips see Homeowners travel together locally, across the country and around the globe to explore all the world has to offer. They’re the stuff of legend here at Noble’s Pond.

In the past, our Homeowners have had amazing experiences venturing off to places such as Africa, Italy, Alaska and Cape Cod. For them, the best part is how easy life at Noble’s Pond makes it to travel. This is all thanks to our award-winning Lifestyle Director, Colleen Ostafy. Colleen partners with our Homeowners to make all the lifestyle program and events they envision a reality. This is especially true when it comes to planning trips. Our Homeowners give Colleen ideas of all the places they’d love to visit, and she gets to work handling all the logistics. This includes securing the best airline prices, booking hotel rooms, planning tours and anything else you can think of. All Homeowners have to do is sign up for trips they’re interested in and cover their costs for the trip.

Community trips were missed in 2020, but they are back and better than ever! Here’s a look ahead to the trips we tentatively have planned in 2021 and 2022:

National Parks of America | Sept. 23-Oct. 5: what better way to kickstart our world tour than by taking in the beauty of some of our nation’s most-renowned natural destinations?

Ireland | Oct. 2-Oct. 16: Music, pubs, castles and … more castles! We’re already feeling the luck of the Irish ahead of this trip, registration for which is already full!

Christmas Markets Riverboat Cruise | Dec. 6-Dec. 17: a chance to enjoy the holiday season on the water and revel in Christmas festivities under the bright lights of Europe’s most-charming yuletide markets. This trip is already sold out as well.

Branson, Missouri | Nov. 7-Nov. 14: we’re venturing out into the Ozarks for live entertainment, thrilling attractions and mouth-watering cuisine.

Hershey Getaway |Dec. 7-Dec. 8:  enjoy an overnight in Hershey, Pa. Tickets to American Music Theater, Light show in Hershey Park and a trip to Kitchen Kettle for some shopping.

Holland & Belgium in the Springtime| May 9-May 19, 2022: we’ll be making our way to Holland, Belgium and the Netherlands for the Tulip Festival on a riverboat cruise.

Royal Caribbean Mediterranean Cruise| June 3-June 12, 2022: we can’t wait to depart from Barcelona and set sail on European waters. This is sure to be a cruise to remember.

Rocky Mountaineer Train Trip | June 8-June 15, 2022: described as a truly moving train journey, this odyssey through the mountains is one we’re looking forward to.

Sicily |Sept. 9 -Sept. 24, 2022: Explore Sicily on a Land tour exploring the countryside for 16 days.

Iceland | Oct. 17-25, 2022: eight days may not be enough for all the adventures we have planned in Iceland. Eating a traditional Viking dinner; soaking in the Blue Lagoon; hunting for the Northern Lights by motor coach; touring Reykjavik and more!

This is just what we have planned so far. A trip to Biltmore Estate in North Carolina is also in the works, as well as three or four more bus trips. Here’s what one of our Homeowner couples had to say about all the upcoming trips:


“We’re really looking forward to traveling again since we couldn’t last year!”

– Jack and Pat, Noble’s Pond Homeowners

Life at Noble’s Pond makes traveling as easy as can be. It’s an experience made even more special thanks to the fact that we get to share it with one another. Together, we’re creating memories to last a lifetime!

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