Barry and Ilana Levine

From Ideal Living Show to Ideal Living at Noble’s Pond

When Barry and Ilana attended the Ideal Living Show on Long Island, they were looking for ideas on simplifying their lives in preparation for downsizing “one day”. Little did they suspect that a chance encounter at the Show would start them down a road that would ultimately lead them to Noble’s Pond. The Levines met Noble’s Pond Lifestyle Director Colleen Ostafy at the Show, who told them all about life at Noble’s Pond, and invited them to come to Delaware and experience the Active Lifestyle Community for themselves.

We had been looking at 55+ communities off and on, mostly in Lancaster and New Jersey, since we lived in Brooklyn and our adult kids live in New York. Going to the Ideal Living Show literally changed our lives. We went with a friend who was also planning a move, and he told us about the tax advantages of living in Delaware. Then, we met Colleen. We decided to check out Delaware for ourselves, and Noble’s Pond in particular. Colleen actually drove us around town so we could see what Dover has to offer, in addition to all the amenities at Noble’s Pond. That’s all it took! Our Brooklyn house sold very quickly, so we ended up renting in Bear, Delaware while our home was being built at Noble’s Pond. We selected the single-level Bradford Model and love it. After living in a multi-story home in Brooklyn, we were very happy to say good-bye to stairs!

It’s so funny to think we went to the Ideal Living Show just to get some ideas and ended up finding the perfect Active Lifestyle community for us. Noble’s Pond has everything we were looking for. We knew we would love the amenities, but actually, our favorite thing about living here is how friendly everyone is. Our social life is booming. We take Tai Chi classes, frequently go out to dinner with friends and use the gym. Everyone speaks to you and wants to get to know you. It’s a completely different lifestyle than what we had before. In Brooklyn, we were casually acquainted with our neighbors, but here, our neighbors have quickly become good friends. The funny thing is, the very first friend we made here at Noble’s Pond turned out to be someone who had lived just two blocks from us in Brooklyn. It took us moving 150 miles to actually meet her.

Barry and Ilana Levine

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