A Typical Week At Noble’s Pond

With so many activities and events happening at Noble’s Pond, we wanted to share with you a typical week at the community. There are many choices available for you to fill your time, each day is truly a new adventure!  

Monday: Game Night Extravaganza 

Homeowners playing bocceStart the week off with some friendly competition. The Clubhouse buzzes with excitement as Homeowners gather for gaming and laughter. From Mexican Train to Mah Jong, Dominoes to Bocce, and Shuffleboard to even some intense Poker matches, there’s something for everyone to join in on. And if you need a break from the games, the melodious tunes of the Noble Voices Choral Group can provide the perfect background music to keep you entertained throughout the evening.

Tuesday: Thrills and Fitness 

Zumba classThe excitement and amusement continue on Tuesday as the Mystery Book Club meets in the cozy Library. Discussions are had as Homeowners contemplate which thrilling book to choose for the next month. From there, it’s time to get up and move! Join in a lively Zumba session where the beats get your heart pumping as you stay active and engaged while laughing and dancing the stress of the day away.  

Wednesday: Honor and Activity 

Homeowner holding quiltWednesday begins with the Noble’s Pond Veterans Association, one of the popular groups of Homeowners that gather for camaraderie and plan activities.  Each year they honor those who served with a Quilts of Valor presentation with the help of the Noble Quilters group. Then, if you are looking to break a sweat, Pickleball enthusiasts can engage in a spirited match, or join the Aerobics class to get in a great workout. 

Thursday: Active Living and Philanthropy 

Wake up early and join the Trail Club for an invigorating walk, or find peace in the Yoga class. You can also show your support with the Rotary Club, and join many of our Homeowners, who help to give back to the greater community. You also don’t have to go alone to the ever-popular Happy Hour later that evening, connect with the DSW (Divorced, Single & Widow/Widower group) beforehand to make some new friends to join you!  

Friday: Food, Friends and Fun 

As we wind down the week, we often welcome various Food Truck vendors to the community who provide us with some tasty meal options. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy a bite with friends and neighbors. Then you can try your luck to be the one to say BINGO first and win the game. If you want to show off some of your creative skills, the Noble Knitters or the Garden Club would be happy to have you join in.  

All this activity at the community is great! But let’s not forget about the amazing trips that many of our Homeowners go on throughout the year. They have discovered the joy of traveling with like-minded neighbors and friends who enjoy exploring destinations they’ve dreamed of. They also can have peace of mind knowing their homes are safe while they are away and focus on the beauty of the new cultures, exotic cuisines and breathtaking sights. Basically all they have to do is pack and show up – our Lifestyle Director plans each trip out, down to the last detail! 

 As you can see, there’s never a dull moment with so much to do with something for everyone! Whether you’re a game enthusiast, a bookworm, a fan of fitness, philanthropist or just looking for some good company over great food, we have a spot waiting for you at Noble’s Pond.   

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