Raising Funds and Glasses at Oktoberfest-Themed Fundraiser

Girls Night Out to Fight MS OktoberfestIt was a night of celebration, camaraderie, and giving back at the 12th Annual Girls Night Out to Fight MS in October. This year, the event took on a lively Oktoberfest theme, bringing the spirit of the famous German festival to a beautiful autumn evening. The night was filled with themed food, games, dancing, and the opportunity to win prizes, all while supporting an important cause. 

Tickets for this sought-after event sold out in a record-breaking 3 hours. This cause-worthy event is a highly anticipated gathering that people eagerly await to purchase tickets for each year. It is an opportunity for individuals to come together and support a meaningful cause while also enjoying a memorable experience. With the collective efforts of organizers, more than 200 attendees and volunteers, and donations from 19 sponsors, a remarkable $19,000 was raised to support the ongoing battle against Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  Without the Homeowner volunteers, this event wouldn’t be possible. We are grateful and thank them for their countless hours and dedication to helping make the event the success that it was! 

Girls Night Out to Fight MS OktoberfestThe event space was transformed into a charming Oktoberfest wonderland. Checker-print tablecloths adorned the dining tables, while vibrant fall decorations created a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The rustic charm of Oktoberfest was reflected in every corner, from the Bavarian flags to the bountiful pumpkins and colorful leaves.  

Funds are raised in multiple ways at this event. The ever-popular BINGO game made a return this year, offering guests the opportunity to win beautiful purses donated by generous sponsors. The excitement in the room was palpable as numbers were called, and lucky winners proudly showed off their fashionable prizes. Silent auctions were also available, featuring baskets donated by a range of sponsors, each filled with different items centered around diverse themes. The chance to bid on these enticing packages brought an element of friendly competition and the opportunity to receive new treasures!  

At the heart of the event was the unwavering commitment to raise funds to find a cure for MS. Inclusive of this year’s event, more than $200,000 in total has been raised at Noble’s Pond over the past 12 years. These funds will contribute to ongoing research. The number of women diagnosed nationally with MS is double than that of men, these funds will contribute to ongoing research and bringing us one step closer to a world without MS.  

This time of year is one that our Homeowners look forward to with the opportunity to give back to those in need. Noble’s Pond is known for their many philanthropic events and for helping the surrounding communities. To learn more about this and other events at Noble’s Pond, view our monthly events calendar, or contact us for any information at 302-240-4150.  

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