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The construction that is taking place on Rittenhouse Drive in our second Neighborhood is coming along nicely! It feels like just yesterday that our construction team broke ground on this next evolution in the community. But in the short time since then, the area has begun to come to life.

Here’s an update from our team on the recent progress that has been made in the neighborhood.

New Homes Offer a Preview Into the Future

There are currently 15 homes under construction along Rittenhouse Drive, all in various phases of personalization and building from completion to framing to permitting. Several Homeowners made the decision to get in early and reserve many of Neighborhood 2’s prime homesites offering optimal access to all our hotspots and amenities.

They had the opportunity to visit Noble’s Pond and fell in love with the resident-driven lifestyle and all the possibilities for building their Dream Homes in such an active setting. Now, they’re watching their homes come to life. Before they know it, they’ll be doing their final walkthroughs and preparing for move-in day!

Natural Features and Infrastructure in Place

Nature is in abundance here at Noble’s Pond and that will continue with the additions being made to the neighborhood. The much-anticipated new pond situated rearward of Rittenhouse Drive is near its completion. We can already tell that it will be a favorite spot for Homeowners to relax on a mild day and take in the beautiful surroundings.

Additionally, curbs and other infrastructural elements are being put in place as well. Things are coming together quickly, and more work is being completed each day to continue growing the community that so many love.


Less Than 10 Opportunities Remain!

As people are seeing the progress on the neighborhood, we’ve received a new wave of reservations on the available homesites. And now, there are fewer than 10 homesites remaining along Rittenhouse Drive. See which homesites are still available for you to choose from on our Community Plan page.

If you’re considering building your Dream Home at Noble’s Pond, there’s never been a better opportunity to do so. There are still homesites available in prime locations and, for a limited time only, we are offering a special landscaping enhancement package to take the customization of your new home’s backyard oasis to the next level for these remaining homesites.

Plus, with low interest rates and the existing sellers’ market, if you sell your current house while the home-selling market is still hot, you’ll be able to customize to your heart’s content while holding onto a significant portion of the earnings from your previous house. Sounds like a win-win situation to us!

Watch the video below to see exclusive video footage all of our progress!

Learn More About Construction Progress and Our Landscaping Specials

Please call 302-240-4150 to learn more about progress on the community’s new neighborhood and for further details on the landscaping specials.

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