Homeowners and Guests Search High and Low in Dover

Where would you find painted backyard birds on a building in downtown Dover? This is one of the over 20 clues our homeowners were searching for during our recent scavenger hunt event. Teams dashed around the community and the greater Dover area to be the first to find determined locations and items.  

Participants were given clues, told to take pictures and videos with their phones, and sent on their way to discover parts of Dover they may have or have not seen before. It was a great chance for homeowners who haven’t yet had a chance to explore their city see new sites and note future excursions they’d like to plan.  

Laughter and smiles were present along with competitive spirits as teams vied to be the first to finish their list.  

A few of the destinations included traveling from the Delaware Agricultural Museum to the John Victrola Museum and were tasked with finding the dog “Nipper” somewhere on location. They also raced to the “Monster Mile” at Dover International Speedway and pretended to be celebrities by having their pictures taken. There was a search for a particular Noble’s Pond logo on the Cheswold Autism puzzle car and tasked with looking for a sign specifically saying “Dedicated Lifestyle Director” to snap another photo.  


Events like the scavenger hunt are an example of how our homeowners are filling their days with fun activities at and around Noble’s Pond. There are always events happening at the community, and trips planned for those who seek adventure at a distance. To learn more about life at Noble’s Pond, just contact our Online Concierge for any information at 302-240-4150. 

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